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Set player health properties on level load. Also waypoints!

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A BONELAB mod for making life easier for other mod creators.

Preferred version: 2.0.0


BoneLab Level Utils

Utilities for bonelab levels. Player health options and waypoints!

Level Utils loads customized level properties from "<Game directory>\UserData\LevelUtils\<level pallet>\<level barcode>.json".
Options can be set using the in-game BoneMenu as well.
Comes with JSON for LabWorks that disables level reloading on death for the currently released levels (01 through 08). No more having to replay the entire level after dying!

Setting up custom level properties

In-game, load the level you wish to add properties for.
Open up Menu->Preferences/Options->BoneMenu->Level Utils
Set the values as you prefer.
For waypoints, physically position yourself at the desired location, go to Waypoints->New Waypoint, and then select a color.
Once created, a waypoint's name, color, and position can be modified inside the level's JSON file (see above for location).

Available versions

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